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9 Tips on Finding the Finest Cigar Lighter 9 Tips on Finding the Finest Cigar Lighter
1.Flame Form Flame kind is a significant factor if you’re searching for a very ideal cigar lighter. Lighting a cigar satisfactorily isn’t the same... 9 Tips on Finding the Finest Cigar Lighter

1.Flame Form

Flame kind is a significant factor if you’re searching for a very ideal cigar lighter. Lighting a cigar satisfactorily isn’t the same as light a cigarette. The very ideal butane cigar lighter, will probably provide a consistent, strong jet of warmth, unlike a standard milder like a BIC, that generates a jittery fire pit. The jet fire of a butane lighter is vital when correctly toasting the end of a cigar. You, however, have a little bit of difference between multiple or single firelighters.

Single Flame

Single fire lighters require a little more time to toast properly then light a cigar. But it may conserve butane over the very long term. The economies are small — butane is affordable. Pure confidence of one fire cigar lighter is they have a tendency to be lower in cost and arrive in bigger body dimensions.

Dual Torch / Triple Torch / Quad Torch

A dual or triple fire torch lighter will cool and cool a cigar considerably quicker, and also, the extra flame will offer some end resistance. More flames do equivalent longer butane, nevertheless, and will raise the body dimensions. You might even purchase a jet motorcycle cigar lighter. However, these are frequently more effective than you actually need for suitable ignition and interrogation.

2. Flame Height Adjustment

A flexible flame is essential when thinking about a high quality torch lighter. It provides additional exceptional security and control and lets you steer the fire in the cigar’s tip-in query comfortably. The modification wheel of a cigar can be usually found on the base of this lighter.

3. Size & Weight

Weight and size is an essential area to consider when you’re choosing a cigar lighter. Mobile lighters permit you to shoot your smoking everywhere but sacrifice some electricity. Tabletop lighters are seldom stored in your own pocket and frequently weigh up of a pound.

Pocket Size / Mobile

Thick metal lighters feel good in the hand but might weigh pockets down — particularly if you’re even carrying keys and a telephone. Portable cigar lighters have been all intended to be pocket-sized when keeping a constant, sexy jet.

The kind of those lighters normally arrive in rectangular or cylindrical — rectangular can work somewhat better at skinny jeans without giving a noticeable bulge in the pocket. Ordinarily, however, they are no more compared to the tube of lip balm.


Table cigar lighters are developed for patio or home use and may often light over 1,000 cigars between refills. Evidently, you may take these with you personally. Still, they are not perfect since they are thick and frequently engraved or customized, making them personally valuable to the consumer. They are fantastic for the cigar aficionado who enjoys a smoke in their garden without friends.

4. Ignition Type


Flints are bits of rock that create bodily sparks when struck by a sheet of metal. If the spark blends with butane that you receive a light. They rely upon sparks’ physical development, which is highly determined by environmental factors such as wind and dampness. Many jet butane torch lighters don’t have flint starters.


Definitely, the most often seen, a piezo-based newcomer, relies upon the principle of piezoelectricity. This phenomenon happens when a chemical collects electric control in response to elevated pressure. In the instance of torch lighters, a quartz crystal is struck to create electricity — that creates a flicker that travels across a cable to the ignition region in which it blends with all the butane. Piezo ignition is a lot more dependable than flint ignition and also can be employed in just about all the ideal cigar lighter layouts.

5. Cost

Cost varies tremendously on usage. You may grab a cheap, mobile cigar lighter for under $20. Tabletop lighters could go as large as $80-$100.

6. Multipurpose

Among the wonderful things concerning cigar lighters is they are genuinely multipurpose. Due to the dependable ignition system, a rather small quantity of gas used compact dimensions, cigar lighters may be employed to spark their namesake but could also be used around the house, outside the campsite, or maybe to find the grill going to get a cookout.

7. Extras

There are a couple extras that may make a very wonderful cigar lighter in a crucial one.

Lifetime Warranty

Cigar lighters about the pricier end of the spectrum frequently include lifetime guarantees. These provide added reassurance and reveal that the company stands behind its merchandise. We recommend ensuring their contact information and guarantee claim method is readily understood before buying.

Present Box

Cigar lighters create a fantastic present even for guys who do not smoke frequently. A gift box may add that fine touch.

Easy Refill

A simple refill allows for much less of a possibility of an injury happening. It averts butane from spraying all over the counter or your palms, a massive safety concern. Great for elderly gents, simple refill valves region paired using butane headphones using a long slender stem. Only press on the down can focus on the milder, and that is it.

Gas Indicator / Gas Level

Standard on many cigar lighters, a judge, allows you to know how much butane is abandoned from the gas tank. Larger or more flashes allow for clear visibility, which means you don’t get stuck with an empty milder when out with buddies or away from your home.


Shade completely depends upon personal taste. However, cigar lighters are present in many different unique endings and materials. Blacksilver and even gunmetal are the most famous for guys. Leather-wrapped lighters are also rather typical, and lighters may be personalized with names or initials.

Cigar Punch (in your body )

Cigar chalk is really a round piece of metal that comes to the stage that’s pushed to the end of the cigar you smoke, so letting you pull a little part of the wrapper. This prevents you from needing to rely upon a cutter.

8. Travel-Friendly

Cigars are usually appreciated on holiday or during traveling. This is particularly true for men who do not normally partake. You must understand your cigar lighter should maintain a distinctive container accepted by your Department of Transportation (DOT) and assessed.

9. Brand

Much like men’s goods, there are several tried, accurate, and reliable cigar lighter brands. Many prefer the age-old Zippo. Additionally, many comparative novices on the scene, such as Vertigo, Xikar, Colibri, and much more. This report reviews products from a number of the very greatest cigar lighter brands. Proceed with what you enjoy.


Cigar Lighter FAQs

Q: Would you use a standard milder to get a cigar?
It’s possible to use a routine lighter to get a cigar. However, it isn’t advised. Employing a routine lighter to get a cigar can create the cigarette to burn off. This is due to the changeable movement of the fire. Furthermore, a cigar ought to be toasted before it’s lit — that is hard to reach using a conventional milder. A cigar lighter will be a lot more preferable to some normal milder.

Q: What’s the most dependable kind of milder?
A lighter which uses butane and can be ignited with quartz is the most dependable. In addition, look at a lighter, which includes an integrated gas tank window, which will permit you to observe the gas remaining.

Q: Why do lighters destroy cigars?
They definitely can. Lighting one facet of a cigar rather than light directly on will lead to an uneven burn. This can cause 1 side of this cigar to burn considerably hotter than another and destroy the flavor. Furthermore, a filler or filler used will destroy a cigar, beating and pushing the tobacco rather than cutting it. At length, cigars that aren’t stored correctly or are precut could be destroyed by too little moisture.

Q: what’s the maximum high quality butane?
A profile is the maximum quality butane accessible, but there’s no measurable gap between it and butane. Profile burns cleaner and thicker, but in the afternoon’s conclusion, provided that you are employing some form of butane, you’re going to be all set.

Q: Can Zippos flow in your pocketbook?
They sure can — that the conventional Zippo lighter shops liquid lighter fluid at a cotton swab stored within the milder. If you overfill the milder, the liquid could quickly escape. Butane lighters will not flow in your pocket.

Cigar Lighter vs. The Rush

Cigar Lighter
Cigar lighters are powered with butane and normally utilize quartz. They are particularly made to be windproof and equally toast and light a cigar with no burning off one place over another. Cigar lighters are seen in either pocket or table layouts and frequently contain gas dividers and punches constructed in. Cigar lighters are developed for serious cigar smokers or that wish to earn a statement by friends or coworkers.

Regular Lighter (i.e., Bic)
Frequent lighters, such as Bic or even Zippo, best stored off from cigars — adhere to smokes and Christmas candles. The factor fire is very good for some items, such as light BBQ grills or flames and using round the house. But their size and absence of warmth will create toasting a cigar tough.

Matches are usually regarded as the sole method to light up a cigar, and also some elderly gents will stand with them. In the afternoon’s conclusion, if that is the way you are feeling, with all means, utilize suits. On the other hand, the very best, most economical, and most dependable way of light your cigar will be a cigar lighter.

Our Criteria for Selecting the Ideal Cigar Lighters

We looked at a few things when we picked the very best cigar lighter, such as:

  • Flame kind
  • Flame height
  • Dimensions and endurance
  • Ignition kind
  • Cost
  • Extras
  • Brand

Much like men’s goods, you will want to choose the cigar lighter, which is ideal for your style. If you are a smoker always on the move, then you will wish to obtain a little light with attributes such as a gas window or even punch. If you are more of an at-home smoker and really wish to produce an impression on visitors, think about a tabletop.

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